3 Top Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips for Homeowners in Troy, Michigan

3 Top Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips for Homeowners in Troy, Michigan

Now that Thanksgiving is only weeks away, many residents in Troy, Michigan are beginning to make preparations to spend the holiday with their family and friends. Even if you’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year, understanding some of the most common Thanksgiving plumbing issues and how to combat them can help you ensure your holiday is stress-free. Here are a few tips to ensure your Thanksgiving goes as smoothly as possible.


Don’t Discard Leftovers Down Your Drain


While it’s certainly easier to throw your leftover food down the drain, doing so will likely result in an inconvenient clog. Rather than discarding the Thanksgiving leftovers down the drain, discard them manually or in a compost pile to avoid causing a blockage. If you decide to put waste down the garbage disposal, break it up into small portions and discard it gradually so you don’t overload the appliance. You should also be sure not to put grease or cooking oils down your drains, as they solidify in pipes and cause clogs.


Check To Ensure The Garbage Disposal is Working


Another prevalent mistake that tends to cause plumbing issues is forgetting to turn on the garbage disposal before you put food scraps into in, which can cause a buildup and a clog. To prevent problems with your garbage disposal this season, check to make sure you turn on the faucet and let the drain run prior to discarding any food scraps in the disposal. Allow the water to run for a minute or so after you turn the garbage disposal off in order to ensure no food gets stuck in the drain and causes a clog.


Invest in Sink Strainers


One of the most effective ways to avoid clogged drains is to use a sink strainer that can filter out any food scraps and prevent them from compelling a clog. A filter will also allow the faucet to run freely, so you won’t need to worry about build-up. The scraps of food that accumulate in the filter can be thrown out manually when it’s time to wash the dishes at the end of the evening.