5 Foods to Never Put Down a Drain

5 Foods to Never Put Down a Drain

Kitchen sinks are prone to dealing with various types of food waste, especially when dishes are washed. You may think that all foods are created equal, but there are a few things you should never dump down your pipes if you want to avoid clogs and other damage.

Coffee Grounds

Despite being so small, coffee grounds are a leading cause of clogged pipes because they don’t dissolve in water and can get easily stuck in grease. Dispose of them in the trash or compost them instead.

Butter, Margarine, and Oil

Oil, as well as greasy foods such as butter and salad dressing, can congeal and harden, which can create a water-resistant blockade. In general, grease and oil should be kept away from your sink drain. 


Even if you think you can get away with throwing some eggshells in your garbage disposal, the shells can damage your disposal blades and still not become small enough to avoid clogging your pipes. Luckily, eggshells are another thing you can dispose of in the trash or compost bin.


Flour and water create a doughy consistency, which is a bad thing if you’re trying to avoid clogging your pipes. Specifically, you will end up with a gummy, sticky mess that’s hard to get rid of and that can trap other foods as well.

Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta are designed to absorb water and expand, which means that if they’re in your pipes, your noodles and rice grains will swell. Pasta can also leave flour residue behind, which will continue to clog up the pipes.

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