6 Reasons to Get Your Plumbing Inspected in a New Home

6 Reasons to Get Your Plumbing Inspected in a New Home

If you recently purchased a new home, you’re probably excited for the opportunities and fresh start that a new home can bring. One of the first things that new homeowners should do is have their plumbing system inspected. It’s important not only for peace of mind but also because there are many regulations about which parts of the system need to be inspected and how often it should be done.

Why You Should Check Your Pipes

Here are 6 reasons why you should have your plumbing inspected as soon as possible:

  • To make sure it’s in good working order: One of the main reasons to get your plumbing inspected is simply to make sure that all aspects of the system are functioning properly. You don’t want any unforeseen and costly surprises down the road.
  • To make sure there are no unknown leaks: Leaks can cause a lot of damage and be highly expensive to repair, so it’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • To make sure the waste system is working properly: The last thing you want is for your new home’s sewage system to start backing up.
  • To make sure the water pressure is good: You don’t want to move into a home with water pressure issues, so you should have it checked out before moving in.
  • To comply with local regulations: Local regulations vary but may require that you have your sewage system inspected every few years.
  • To avoid potential problems down the road: You don’t want to end up with a bigger problem that could have been avoided. Taking time for an inspection could possibly prevent a plumbing disaster.

Find the Birmingham Pros

If you just bought a new home, don’t forget to have your plumbing inspected. It’s an important step that can give you peace of mind in your new home. Contact the professionals at Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Air to schedule an inspection today.