6 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Issues This Spring

6 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Issues This Spring

Spring is the perfect time for tackling several maintenance and cleaning tasks around your house. One of these tasks should include your home’s plumbing system. Performing preventative inspection and maintenance early on in spring can stop larger issues in the future.

Clean and Test Sump Pump

The sump pump protects you from basement flooding this rainy season. Ensure that it works properly by turning off the power and removing the pump, including the pump screen. Follow your instructor’s manual and clean it every four months. Test the sump pump by putting the unit back together, restoring power, and pouring water. If it doesn’t drain the water and deactivate, it might need repair.

Clean the Gutters

Reduce moisture in your home by cleaning the gutters and downspouts from debris like branches and leaves. These elements are part of your home’s drainage system, which keeps water away and prevents it from creating structural damage.

Turn the Main Water Valve

Make sure the valve continues to function properly by turning it counterclockwise to close it, then all the way back to turn it on again. If the handle is too hard to manage or it doesn’t work correctly, consider an upgrade.

Check the Toilet Tank

Toilets can wear down during winter, and detecting and fixing leaks as soon as possible prevents additional problems. The easiest way to check for leaks is by placing food coloring into the tank and waiting half an hour to see if the color stays the same. If it goes away, the tank needs repairs.

Test the Outdoor Faucets

The winter weather can cause damage to your outdoor faucets. Open the water supply and turn on the valve to listen for air and pops. Then, close the valve and check for any leaks or drips outside. If you see any, it’s time to call in for repair.

Check the Washing Machine

Another area that can suffer from damage during the winter is the washing machine. Specifically, inspect the back of the washing machine and the hoses that connect to it. If the hoses show any leaking, bulges, or cracks, or are older than five years, do not run the machine until you manage to replace the hoses.

As you go through these tips, remember that while there are small fixes or cleanings you can perform, most repair issues will require the assistance of a qualified plumbing professional in Troy, Michigan.