Annual Sump Pump Maintenance Guide

Annual Sump Pump Maintenance Guide

Spring is here and summer is peaking around the corner, and that means an increase in the amount of rain here in Michigan. You rely on your sump pump to protect your home from damage that can be caused by excess water, so it’s important that it stays in peak working condition. Make sure that your home’s sump pump is up to the task by following this maintenance guide.  

Inspect the Power Supply

Your sump pump should operate on an independent circuit, ideally plugged into a GFCI socket or on a surge protector. This not only protects you from accidental shock, but it also protects the sump pump from damage. Make sure the power cord is in good working condition. 

Make Sure the Pump Starts Automatically

To make sure that your sump pump starts when you need it, you will need to fill the basin with water. This should cause the pressure sensor or float to lift, and the pump should begin running. Be aware of any strange odors or sounds that may indicate a problem. If you experience any issues, contact a professional for assistance. 

Check Discharge Pipes and Basin for Debris

Remove any debris that may have accumulated in the basin. Also, inspect discharge pipes for any joint leaks, and check that vents are free of debris. Make sure that your exterior drain pipe extends way beyond your home’s foundation to avoid potential water problems. 

Check to See if the Sump Pump is Level

Motor vibration in older models during sump activation can cause your sump pump to become dislodged. If the pump seems to be dislodged, put it back in position using a level to be sure that it is both horizontally and vertically aligned. 

Call the Experts at Birmingham Plumbing

Routine maintenance will keep your sump pump working efficiently and protect your home from expensive water damage. If you need more information about maintaining your sump pump, or if you uncovered any issues during your maintenance inspection, contact the experts at Birmingham Plumbing today for an appointment.