Benefits of Knowing the Location of Your Water Main

There are many reasons to shut off your main water line, such as leaving your Troy, Michigan home for a vacation during the winter months.  If you don’t know where your water line is, ask your plumber or follow your water main from what is usually the front of your home to the entry point for the pipe.  You may be looking in a basement area for your main shut off valve.  Once you find it, familiarize yourself with the proper way to turn it so that you know how to shut it off in an emergency.

The Benefits:

  • If something happens while you are away, you won’t have costly repairs and replacements. If there are freezing temperatures, shut off your water while you are away from your house overnight.  After you shut off the water, drain the water from all your pipes, so you can avoid your pipes freezing and potentially bursting while you are gone.
  • If there is a leak or a pipe burst in your home, you can save your home from extensive water damage by shutting off your water.
  • You can do some repairs yourself if you know how to shut off your water main. Replacing faucets and working on your sprinkler system are things that homeowners can do themselves if they see how the water flows into their homes.
  • If you are away from home and there is a plumbing emergency, it is easy to tell someone else where your water shut off valves are if you know where they are located. You can also leave instructions to find it taped in a place for household to-dos or preparations.
  • If you call a plumber for emergency help, and they tell you to shut off the water, you will know where the main shut-off valve is located. Knowing where the valve is located saves you time and money in repair and cleaning fees.

If you know you are leaving town for a while, or you have someone else watch your home in Troy, Michigan, then make a note of where your shut-off valves before you leave home!

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