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Plumbing Services in Birmingham, MI

While many plumbing problems might seem like no big deal at first, they can easily evolve into critical predicaments if they are not handled in time. Instead of lingering until a clogged drain or leaky pipe becomes a bigger problem, reach out to the professional plumbers at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Birmingham, MI to get the assistance you need to protect your home or business.

Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling is a full-service plumbing company that has been servicing Birmingham and the surrounding areas for the last ten years. Our highly skilled team of professional plumbers has the expertise and experience necessary to handle your minor and major plumbing issues. We will inspect all parts of your piping system, conduct effective drain cleanings, and employ special technology in order to uncover concealed issues embedded inside your system.

Even better, we provide emergency 24/7 plumbing services upon request, so you can depend on us to arrive on short notice to take care of any critical issues that arise.

Residential Plumbing Service & Repair

The staff at Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can replace, repair, and provide maintenance on all aspects of your home’s plumbing. We use the latest plumbing technology to install and maintain battery back-up methods to protect your home in the event of a power outage or the breakdown of your primary sump pump.

We administer numerous residential plumbing services in Birmingham, MI such as:
· Rehabilitation for toilets, drains, showers, sinks, hot tubs, dishwashers, laundry machines, waste disposals, and more
· Maintenance reviews and services
· Pipe and sewer cleaning
· Installations
· Diagnostic testing
· Sump pumps
· AC and water heaters rehab and upkeep

Commercial Plumbing Contractors

Secure the precise functioning of your commercial investments with plumbing repairs, installations, and preservation procedures from Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

We provide all companies in Birmingham with several plumbing services specialized for commercial premises:
· Fiber-Optic Cameras: Ensures a thorough inspection of pipes and enables accurate issue diagnoses.
· Hydro Jetter Cleansing: Purifies and cleanses pipes with blockages of grease, sand, and other debris, optimal for restaurants and large buildings requiring a comprehensive cleanse.

Preserve your piping system from needless harm with the help of the professionals.

Contact the plumbing technicians at Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Birmingham, Michigan to safeguard your property today.

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