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Water Heater Services in Birmingham

Like all other systems within a home, water heaters are prone to encounter issues at some point during their lifetime. However, severe issues with your unit can be deterred with the proper upkeep procedures and inspections. The technicians at Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Troy, MI are experts in all areas of water heater upkeep, repairs and replacement methods.

Our water heater technicians can handle all common water heater issues, such as:
Leakage: Leaks can emerge in any type of water heater. If you notice indications of water leaking, such as water pooling under or around your water heater, you will want to have our experts come and examine your unit.
Rusting: Water heaters are always exposed to the elements, such as air and water, which is why they are prone to rusting as time goes on. Though rust might not seem like a big issue when it first emerges, it may start to corrode the metal and damage it, if not handled properly.
Temperature Problems: The warming elements in a hot water heater are working almost constantly, so they are inclined to exhibit problems every once and awhile. If you notice your water heater is not administering enough hot water, generates a colder water when used, or cannot administer hot water at all, the warming elements in your unit might have to be replaced completely.
Foul Smell: Fungal and bacterial infections can produce hot water with a foul odor. This dilemma is hazardous because these contaminants can pose a health risk. Having a professional rinse and purge your unit at least once a year can prevent the chances of this occurring.
Strange Noises: Loud noises originating from your hot water heater may suggest a problem with your heating elements, which will necessitate replacement. Another possible explanation is a buildup of sediment in the tank, which creates a noise as the water is heating.
A professional can flush and purify your hot water tank to clear out the sediment to resolve this problem.

If you experience any of the above issues with hot water heaters in Birmingham, get in touch with the experts at Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Troy, Michigan and we will have one of our best technicians take a look at your unit as soon as possible.

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