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Air Conditioning Services in Bloomfield Hills

Air conditioners are vital appliances within the homes and organizations in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Cooling devices are responsible for keeping homes or buildings indoor environment safe and cool throughout the summer, which is exactly why experiencing air conditioning failure can be a stressful event for residents of Bloomfield Hills.

Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling understands the impact a faulty air conditioner can have on your home or business, so our licensed and insured HVAC contractors are on the job 24/7 to assist you with any AC emergencies.

Our dynamic staff can also supply you with all types of AC repairs, servicing, installations, or replacement, no matter what make or model.

Prevalent Air Conditioning Problems

Our skilled HVAC technicians can assist with all potential AC issues, including:

· Unit Won’t Turn On: There are a few explanations for this concern. Two reasons involve a defective thermostat or a thermostat that was installed incorrectly. A broken connection between the unit and the main line might also be causing this problem.
· Unit Only Generates Warm Air: When your AC only produces warm air, your refrigerant levels might be low, or you might have a dirty air filter that needs to be replaced.
· Unit Runs Constantly: Your AC will operate until the desired temperature level is reached. If your unit is too small for a space, it might not have enough power to achieve the set temperature, which can compel it to run constantly.
· Blocked Condensation Line: There is a wide variety of debris prone to causing blockages in a unit’s drain line, which can cause water to leak onto the unit’s drip pan. If you notice liquid on your unit’s pan, contact an HVAC technician who can flush the sediment blockage out of your unit.
· Stalled AC: A frozen unit can appear for many reasons including dirty air filters, a defective fan, or broken controls.

If you encounter any of the above issues with your AC unit, reach out to the professionals at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling as soon as possible. We are available to manage any emergency AC problems and will follow through to ensure they are fixed properly.

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