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Furnace Services in Bloomfield Township

A heating system has an incalculable influence on the comfort of your home or business during the harsh winters of the Midwest, which is why a faulty heating system can be such a problem for residents of Bloomfield Township. If your heating system’s furnace breaks, it can prevent your unit from keeping your indoor climate stable and safe throughout our bitterly cold winters.

At Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Troy, we understand that critical emergencies can arise when you least expect it, so our staff of HVAC technicians is accessible 24/7 to assist you in the event of a heating breakdown. From heating and furnace repairs to installation and standard maintenance procedures, our dedicated staff offers a wide variety of solutions to optimize the efficiency of your furnace and heating unit and prolong its functional lifetime.

Most Prevalent Furnace Problems

Each part of your heating unit should be functioning as desired in order to keep your home comfortable and safe. No matter what make or model, we can handle all types of furnace problems, including:

· Defective pilot light
· Heating unit won’t turn on
· Strange sounds stemming from the unit
· Unit blower running continuously

These signs suggest there may be a defect with your furnace or heating unit. Even though these signs may seem comparatively minor at first glance, leaving them unchecked can result in larger problems in the long-term, such as:

· Squeaking sounds coming from your furnace, indicating a failing unit engine.
· Lack of power in your furnace caused by a defective blower fan.
· Failed primary burner, which can suggest low gas levels or a broken flame sensor.

All of our team members at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Bloomfield Township have the talent and the skills to examine your furnace and heating problem in a swift and timely manner. We can provide repairs and complete new installations, so you can rest assured knowing your heating is functioning properly.

Depend on the professional HVAC technicians at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Bloomfield Township, MI to attend to all your furnace and heating concerns. Contact us to have your furnace repaired, replaced, or tuned up today.

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