Common Fall Plumbing Issues in Troy, Michigan

Common Fall Plumbing Issues in Troy, Michigan

In Troy, Michigan, the best time to make sure your plumbing is ready for the chilly weather is fall.  Making an appointment to have a plumber inspect your home before winter is a great idea, so you don’t run into serious plumbing problems when the weather is freezing.

Leaky Pipes

Colder weather can mean that there is a more significant threat of pipes becoming weak and leaking.  To avoid leaks, have your plumbing inspected beforehand.

Sewer Problems

If you smell or see sewage backup in your home, you likely have a main sewer line problem.  You may have a clog, a break, or a leak in your main sewer line.  The best way to tell if your main sewer line is the problem is to monitor all drains when water goes down one of them.  If other drains back up or smell of sewage, then the problem is the main sewer line.

Running Toilets and Leaky Faucets

If you have a running toilet, it can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day.  Not only will your water bill rise, but you could have a more significant plumbing issue in the future if it isn’t fixed.

A faucet that leaks will also raise your water bill.  Consider having your home inspected, and your faucets and toilets checked for efficiency.

Water Pressure

A reason for low water pressure might be because you live in an older home, you just got a new shower head, or you have a leaky pipe in your home.  If you have pipes leaking, your water pressure will decrease as the pipe drips water.  It is crucial to find the leak, and have it fixed before you have the high expense of structural damage to your home.

Water Heaters that Stop Working

A tank water heater should last between eight to 12 years.  A tankless water heater usually lasts longer than a standard water heater.  When your water heater goes out, it could be as simple as a heating element or a pilot light that isn’t working correctly.  You may also have to replace the water heater because of its age.