Common Home Exterior Causes of Basement Flooding

Common Home Exterior Causes of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a common issue throughout the United States. While this type of damage is very common in areas stricken by hurricanes and heavy storms, some homeowners in the Troy, MI area and beyond may see light flooding every time it rains around their homes. If you have had issues with basement flooding in the past, you might find the cause around the outside of your home.

Broken Gutters

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? When you removed the leaves and other debris, did you also check the gutters for any physical damage? A broken gutter system can allow water to drip and pool around the foundation of your home. Eventually, the excess water right around the base of your home creates lateral water pressure, pushing water into your basement.

Tree Roots

Do you have trees growing near your home? Trees near your house can provide shade for your home and keep temperatures lower during the summer, but their roots could potentially cause flooding issues for your home. Unchecked tree roots can push against your foundation, eventually cracking it and allowing water to enter.


Michigan tends to receive lots of snow during the winter. While your home’s gutter system may do just fine with moving rainwater away from your home, a heavy snowfall followed by warmer temperatures could lead to significant snowmelt in your gutters and around the foundation of your home.

All three of these issues are correctable, but you may need help from a professional plumbing service to ensure the drainage system of your home can keep your basement from flooding. Fixing your gutters, having a tree service inspect the root systems of trees close to your home, and identifying any potential issues with melting snow will help you prevent your basement from flooding, but despite your best efforts you may ultimately need to rely upon your home’s drainage system. Contact Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Air today for more information about our drain clearing and other services that can help you minimize your home’s flooding risk.