Common Water Heater Issues During Winter

Common Water Heater Issues During Winter

Most people do not have the time to think about regular water heaters maintenance. They barely consider it until they are faced with freezing showers or sudden leaks. Be on the lookout for these common winter water heater problems so that you can make sure to have hot water available in the upcoming winter months.

Broken Parts

If your home has a gas heater, regularly check on the pilot, thermocouple, and control valve. If your water heater is electric, regularly check the thermostat and heating elements. Faulty heating elements can lead to water taking too long to heat, or to no hot water at all. Check the electric breaker if your water is not heating.

Sediment and Mineral Build-up

Sediment and mineral deposits build up at the bottom of your water heater over time. This can cause your water to become lukewarm or your heater to start making an unusual noise. Bacteria can also build up in these heaters and cause a foul smell, which can be solved by flushing the water heater every few months.


If water is leaking from the top of the water heater, it could be due to loose pipes or a loose pressure relief valve. When facing water heater leaks, it is best to call a plumber to identify the problem quickly.

Frozen Pipes

If you find that your water pressure has decreased, your pipes may have partially frozen. It is important to properly insulate your pipes to prepare for winter to avoid pipes bursting and causing extensive damage.

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