Four Thanksgiving Leftovers That Should Never Be Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Four Thanksgiving Leftovers That Should Never Be Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Thanksgiving is a holiday that emphasizes generosity and the power of giving, which is why many families in Troy Michigan are excited to spend the day surrounded by the people they cherish the most. But when it comes time to clean up what’s left over after the meal is done, it’s vital to recognize that not all Thanksgiving leftovers can be broken down by the garbage disposal. Thankfully, simply understanding what can and cannot be thrown down the garbage disposal can help you avoid having to deal with a broken plumbing appliance on Thanksgiving day. Take a look at the following list of common Thanksgiving fare that shouldn’t be tossed in the sink during cleanup.

Grease, Fats, and Oils

Common cooking oils including corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, and extra virgin olive oil, as well as grease and fats, will solidify once they make it through the garbage disposal and cause a blockage in your pipes.

Stringy Veggies

Many vegetables that are incorporated as ingredients or prepared as side dishes for Thanksgiving are stringy, which can cause them to get stuck on the blades of a garbage disposal and result in a jammed machine. In addition, fibrous veggies and their peels, such as lettuce, onion peels, and kale, are also difficult for a garbage disposal to break down.

Avoid throwing fibrous and stringy vegetables including asparagus, celery, and leftover corn husks down your disposal to keep your machine working throughout the entire surrounding of the holiday season.

Turkey Bones

One of the most important Thanksgiving scraps you’ll need to avoid putting down the garbage are bones, as they can effectively reduce the sharpness of your machine’s blades and shorten its lifespan to a large extent. To prevent this, make sure everyone knows to throw their leftover turkey bones into the trash bin rather than in the sink.

Potato Peels

As you go to prepare baked or mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving, refrain from throwing the peels into your garbage disposal. The starch on the skin of potatoes can become sludge, making it especially prone to sticking onto the blades of the garbage disposal and inflicting permanent damage.