How to Be Sure You Are Getting the Best Plumbing Services

How to Be Sure You Are Getting the Best Plumbing Services

Don’t be scammed! Not all plumbers are who they claim to be! You should always know a bit about the plumber or plumbing company you are hiring before making any decisions and letting them into your house!

Freelance plumber or company?

In most cases it is safer to work with a plumbing company with reviews and a good reputation. While they may charge a slightly higher price than an individual plumber would, you could also be working under protection when dealing with a company.

Companies are normally easier to get a hold of if something goes wrong and tend to be more professional as you or another client could easily spread a bad word about them which would ruin their reputation which they avoid at all costs. Having warranty of your parts or service done in your house is a great idea even if there is a minimal fee with it and this is normally only provided by companies. Any freelancer saying this might not be legit.

However, if you happen to be working on a tight budget and would rather risk it with a freelancer, he or she might be able to give you a better price compared to the big companies.

I am not a plumber, how do I know if I am getting what I paid for?

Make sure that the plumber explains everything they will be doing before allowing them to do it and ask questions when in doubt. Knowing the company’s reputation before hiring them is always a great idea to know who you are working with.

When working with a freelance plumber, ensure they are trained and know what they are doing by asking a plumber-friend, and if possible, get your plumber-friend to review the plumbers plan before they start working. Always be clear that you are paying only what you agreed on before the job started as some plumbers and companies will try to add additional costs wherever they see an opportunity! If they suggest replacing a part, do research to see if the plumber’s facts are correct such as how often to replace a part. To be absolutely sure, call us today at Birmingham Plumbing.