How Weather Affects Plumbing

How Weather Affects Plumbing

Spring is here, and that means the weather is going to fluctuate. In a state like Michigan, you can expect both chilly and sunny days over the course of the season. Weather can have a big impact on plumbing, so we will take a look at what challenges may arise for you no matter what time of year it is.


Winter snow brings April showers, and what do April showers bring? In terms of plumbing, it can bring a lot of trouble. Shifting, wet soil can result in exposed or damaged pipes. This means that mud can leak into the water supply, while clean water will leak out, raising your water bill and creating more potential problems. Thunderstorms are even worse because if lightning strikes where an underground pipe is, it can damage the pipe itself. It can even burn a hole into the pipe.


Warm weather may be a welcome change from the cold, but too much warmth can be problematic. Heat can expand metal pipes, making them more likely to crack or burst. This means when temperatures get really hot, you may have leaks or other issues. Meanwhile, heat can also make soil shift and move, which can damage your pipes.


Spring temperatures can dip below freezing sometimes, which can be bad for your pipes. Water can freeze, and it can make your pipes burst when it expands. Additionally, if there’s any snow, the melt can lead to flooding — which can also cause issues for your pipes.

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