Identifying Furnace Sounds

Identifying Furnace Sounds

A healthy furnace should be working quietly in the background, heating your house without drawing attention to itself. If your furnace is making noise, it is probably getting old or suffering from some type of damage. Here are some familiar furnace sounds and what they might be telling you.

Popping and Clicking

If you have an older furnace that makes a single pop or click before it gives you warmth, it’s just turning on. However, repeated popping or clicking usually means something is wrong with the ignition.

Rattling and Scraping 

A furnace can make rattling or scraping sounds for a few reasons, from various parts being loose to the motor or blower wheel being broken. Whatever the case, if your furnace makes this type of noise, it is best to contact a professional to identify and repair the issue.

Squealing and Screeching

If your furnace is making a squealing and screeching noise, there’s an issue with the blower. The exact issue could range from the belt slipping off the track to the motor bearings beginning to fail.

Humming and Buzzing

Buzzing and humming is usually a sign of an electrical problem. This problem can range from a screw being loose in the transformer to the electrical components simply beginning to fail and die. 


A whistling sound tends to mean the air filter is clogged or dirty, restricting airflow. This is why you replace the filter every one to three months.

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No matter your furnace’s noise, you need a professional to help fix it. Most of these problems could be dangerous or complicated to deal with alone, and others mean replacing furnace parts entirely. Contact Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today to repair or replace your damaged or dying furnace.