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Sump Pump Installation and Replacement Services in Livonia

Sump pumps help to protect your property from water damage that can be caused by floods or other water build-ups. In Michigan, we are prone to heavy snowfall and fast snow melts. A sump pump is designed to collect water in a pit and then use a specialized pump to remove the water far from your property. When your sump pump isn’t working properly, standing water can create damage to your basement as well as your entire foundation.

Our experienced technicians can provide the repair and replacement services you need to have your system working as efficiently as possible. We can also install sump pump systems, ensuring that the placement is ideal, the pit is deep enough, and the discharge drain is far away from your property and your neighbors’ property.

Components of Your Sump Pump System

Your sump pump system is made up of different components that all need to work together to provide the best water-removing results. We understand the complexity of these components, as well as the important role that each of them has to perform. We can repair elements such as:

  • The pit. It seems basic enough, but incorrect pit size can affect the overall ability of your sump pump to perform as it should. If a pit is too small, water can overflow or cause your sump pump to work twice as hard. Both instances can affect the life of your sump pump system.
  • The cover. A sump pump cover can become cracked or damaged, allowing moisture to collect in your basement. This moisture can cause damage to your walls and floors over time and can introduce the problem of mold. We can repair or replace your cover, keeping moisture out of your basement space.
  • Check valve. The check valve can become damaged or start to malfunction for several reasons. This valve is responsible for preventing water from re-entering your pit once the pump shuts off
  • The pump. Your pump is the most vital part of this system. It moves water from the pit into your discharge line. Pumps can slow or stop functioning over time. Our professional team can replace your pump quickly, getting your sump pump back to work in no time.
  • Discharge drain. If this drain has any cracks or is too close to your property, water can return, defeating the work your sump pump is trying to accomplish. We can repair any cracks, or replace the drain if necessary

How Do I Know If I Need Repair Work?

Your sump pump often provides clear signs that something is not working right. These signs can include:

  • Cycling system not working
  • Overflow of water
  • Bad smell
  • Loud when operating
    • Slowly draining water
    • Pump won’t start
    • If you experience any of these problems, we can help. We can repair any element of your sump pump system to have it operating like new again. We can also help you determine if installing a new sump pump is a better investment than a repair. A new sump pump can be the best option if your old one has significant damage, requires repeat repairs, or is old.

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      At Birmingham Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we recommend regular maintenance of your sump pump system to ensure it is operating at its best. This helps us to catch minor issues before they need a major repair. If you do notice a lack of performance, we can provide the repairs you need. Contact us to learn more about sump pump installation and repair.

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