Pet-Related Plumbing Problems

Pet-Related Plumbing Problems

Every pet owner understands that having pets can lead to problems you may not have anticipated at first. One unexpected problem is that our pets can actually cause issues with plumbing. Here are some pet-related plumbing problems for you to look out for.

Biting the Pipes

If your bathroom has exposed plumbing pipes, your dog may try to chew on them. This can cause a leak, especially if your pipes are aging or brittle. Cover them up or apply an anti-chewing agent that will teach your pet to stay away.

Digging up Yard Pipes

Many dogs enjoy digging. This is all good until it creates problems, and one problem might be that your pet may uncover a pipeline. This can cause the line to get damaged or punctured, so it’s best to teach your dog not to dig in the yard — or to just keep a close eye on where they are.

Clogging Pipes

Pet dander and fur can build up in the pipes like human hair, especially if you’re washing your dog in your bathtub. Meanwhile, kitty litter won’t flush as it’s commonly believed. Instead, the litter can get stuck in or damage your pipes as it builds up.

Disease and Injury to Your Pets

Sometimes, it’s not the plumbing that’s hurt by your pets. Dogs can get sick from drinking out of a toilet, and high-pressure water can also hurt them. Keep the toilet bowl closed, ensure your water pressure and temperature aren’t too high, and ensure your pets can’t access any sort of toilet cleaning products.

Get Plumbing Help

No matter what’s caused your plumbing to break down, you need a professional’s help to fix it. At Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we’ll repair any damage and make sure you and your pets can continue to live safely and comfortably. Call today for a free quote.