Reasons to Inspect the Outside of Your House This Winter

It is just as important to inspect the exterior of your home during the winter months in Troy, Michigan, as it is during the summer months.  You may be able to find small problems that can help you avoid winter disasters when repaired early.

  • Check the Air Conditioner to make sure that they are ready for winter. If there is any debris on the unit, clear it away and cover the unit to protect it from the winter weather.  If a condensing unit is left with debris on it over the winter, rust can be the result.  Covering the unit can keep the internal components from freezing and becoming worn from the weather.
  • If you have a window air conditioner and you can remove it, then you should do so to protect it from the harsh winter temperatures.
  • Check your exterior faucets and make sure they are drained and have an insulated cover to protect them during the winter.
  • Disconnect and drain your garden hoses. Leaving them connected to your exterior faucets can cause plumbing problems during the winter and allow your pipes to freeze easier.
  • Check for cracks or holes in around your home that will allow cold air to get inside of your home. Seal them so that your HVAC and plumbing system have more protection from the elements.  Don’t forget to inspect the doors and windows around your home!
  • If you have any exposed pipes on the exterior of your home or in an unheated area, make sure they are well insulated to avoid freezing pipes.
  • Check your foundation for any cracks and make sure your sump pump works well.

Making sure the outside of your home is ready for winter will help keep your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems working well when they are needed.  Protecting your HVAC and plumbing systems from the harsh winter weather in Troy, Michigan, can allow them to have a longer lifespan, which in turn saves you money for maintenance and repairs.

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