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Rochester Hills Heating Repair Service

At Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Rochester Hills, we understand how difficult it can be when your heat fails. You can be left in the freezing cold Michigan weather with nothing to keep you warm, causing a stressful situation for you and your home. We never want you to be without the comfortable and cozy environment that you need during the winter season. Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling strives to provide excellent emergency services when your heating fails and leaves you braving the Michigan winter on your own.

Heater Maintenance

Even though you may be experiencing some problems with your heater, a replacement heater isn’t always the best option. We provide quality expert services for your heating systems, and they may only need a repair. Having someone provide routine maintenance on your heating system can help prevent future heating problems and save you money! A problem you may have thought would need a replacement heater may only need an expert to service your heater.

If you’re not sure if you need a replacement heater, our team can come out and provide answers. Our heating experts will come and assess your current heating system and tell you whether it needs servicing or replacement. Our team will happily use their experience to fix your unit or help you install a brand new one that fits your needs.

Signs a Heater Repair Is Needed

Unfortunately, most people never even know their heating system needs repair until they are left with no heat. While Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Rochester Hills does provide emergency services for when you are left in these sticky situations, it can be helpful to know warning signs that your equipment may not be functioning properly. Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues, saving you money and time. Here is a list of a few common issues that could be signs a heater repair is needed:

  • You hear unusual noise coming from your heater. While heaters can be loud when starting up or shutting down, they shouldn’t continue to be loud and noisy constantly. The sounds you are hearing could be due to a broken piece of your heater. This type of problem will continue to persist if the heater isn’t serviced.
  • Your energy bill has gone way up. Sudden increases in your heating bill could mean that your heating system is running incorrectly. One of the many benefits of regular maintenance is ensuring your system is running smoothly and at its most efficient level so your heating bill is at its lowest. Your heater could be causing your heating bill to be higher if you see a sudden increase.
  • You smell burning. A tell-tale sign your heater needs repair is if a burning odor or unusual smell is emitted when you turn on your heating system. This smell can be a sign that your heater requires servicing from an experienced professional.

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We understand how vital heat is to your home’s environment and health. If you run into any problems with your heater, trust Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Rochester Hills to be your experienced guide. They will provide you with the service and information you need to get heat restored quickly in your home. Contact us today for help with your heating system!

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