Spring Cleaning Your Cooling System

Spring Cleaning Your Cooling System

It may not yet feel like Spring, but this shouldn’t put off any necessary Spring cleaning routines
waiting for you. Among these routines should be a check-up on your HVAC system. Cooling
systems, despite being machines, are a lot like your own body; they perform poorly, lose
efficiency, and have shorter lifespans when poorly kept and maintained. Therefore, cooling
systems need regular attention, tune-ups, and maintenance. Imagine what would happen if you
never took your car in for an oil change, for example. It would be unreasonable to expect it to
run at its best for very long.

Tune-ups are generally recommended twice a year for HVAC systems: once in the Fall on your
heating system, before the demands of Winter, and again in Spring on your cooling system
before Summer. It is always better, after all, to catch and address small issues and ensure your
system is in perfect working condition for the coming season, before those issues grow into
much larger concerns – or arise at a more inconvenient time.

Why Is Maintenance Necessary?

As stated above, regular attention is necessary for keeping your HVAC system operating at peak
condition. When properly maintained, your cooling system will experience the following

  • Reduction in Repairs. Maintenance will reduce the need for repairs, lowering repair
    frequency and severity. Common issues, such as buildup, clogging, component wear, and
    bad connections, would be caught early before becoming a bigger issue. This saves
    money in the long run.
  • Increased Efficiency. Maintenance will increase your cooling system’s efficiency,
    keeping it running at maximum potential and turning out more cooling power at less cost
    for longer.
  • Extended Lifespan. Maintenance protects your investment, helping your system to last
    twice as long on average as systems with no regular maintenance.

What You Can Do Yourself

There are several tune-ups that can be accomplished without a professional. To begin work on
your system, go ahead with the following tasks:

  • Change HVAC air-filters. This should be done regularly every month to prevent clogging
    and airflow blockage.
  • Remove Dirt and Debris. Clear the area surrounding outdoor units from obstructions.
  • Keep foliage at least a foot and a half away from any units. Additionally, hose off any dirt that has collected.
  • Keep Indoor Units Clear. Ensure that all indoor units are free from drapes, curtains, rugs or furniture that could obstruct or block airflow.

For maintenance, check-ups, and repair needs that extend beyond these basic tune-ups, contact a
professional HVAC technician today.