The Benefits of Sewer Jetting

Sewer jetting is a great way to make sure that your sewer lines stay running smoothly.  During the year, pipes accumulate buildup, which can cause clogs and blockages.  If you have a clog that you can’t get to budge with a plunger, sewer jetting may be right for your home in Troy, Michigan.

  1. Sewer jetting removes the particles stuck to the walls of your pipes. It reduces the risk of clogs and slow drains.
  2. Having a professional come to your home for preventative sewer jetting services can help the pipes in your older home stay stable.
  3. Sewer jetting reduces the bacteria in your pipes. Getting rid of bacteria helps keep odors and health problems because of the bacteria away.
  4. The high-power of the water that is blasted through the pipes during sewer jetting will help your pipes stay cleaner for a more extended period. You don’t have as much buildup or damage to your piping because of clogs that won’t move.
  5. Sewer jetting is healthier for your plumbing than chemicals that eventually destroy your plumbing. It also lasts longer than chemical treatments.  You won’t have to worry about the problems with clogs returning in a week or two!
  6. You won’t have to keep plunging your toilets and drains! Consider what it is like to not have to make sure that your toilet flushes right each time.  If this is something you must do regularly in your home, then it is a great time to try out hydro sewer jetting.
  7. If you have a significant clog, sewer jetting can loosen it and push it through your sewer system, which saves you money in costly repairs or replacement services.
  8. Hydro sewer jetting regularly can help you avoid having your sewer line replaced because you won’t have buildup that accumulates and causes damage to your older pipes. While it won’t fix your pipes, it can help you avoid breaks, cracks, and leaks caused by clogs that are left unresolved for a long time.




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