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Drain & Sewer Cleaning Troy, MI.

The best way to prevent serious clogs that can damage your plumbing is to be proactive about cleaning your drains and sewer lines. It is also important to understand the common causes of drain clogs. This aids in the prevention of build-up that affects the quality of your system. At Birmingham Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, our Troy plumbing service experts use state-of-the-art tools and methods to provide a detailed cleaning of drains and sewer lines. These services can leave your drains functioning the best they have in years.

Most Common Causes of Drain Issues We See

Drain cleaning is a necessary service when there are serious clogs involved. Clogs can damage your pipes, leading to unplanned plumbing repair service, cause water to back up, and create unpleasant smells. Common causes of clog formation include:

  • Food waste. Even with a garbage disposal, there are still certain foods, fats, and oils that shouldn’t go into your drain system. These materials can coat the interior of your pipes, collecting more waste and creating a serious clog.
  • Non-flushable items. Our toilets are only meant to handle toilet paper. Anything else, such as baby wipes or paper towels, can bunch together, blocking the water flow of your drain.
  • Hair. When you take a shower, you naturally shed hair. This hair can clump together over time, creating a serious blockage.

We like to advise taking preventive steps at home to help protect against drain issues. This includes using a drain strainer in your kitchen and bathroom. This collects unwanted and potentially harmful material from going down the drain. You should also make sure nothing goes down your toilet drain besides toilet paper.

Do I Need Drain Cleaning?

There are a few signs to watch for when determining if you could benefit from our drain cleaning services. You may notice water backing up in your sink or shower, then draining at a slow rate. Especially with your kitchen sink, you can experience unpleasant smells of food decay.

We are often asked why it is better to use our services instead of at-home remedies. For minor clogs, boiling water could be all you need to clear the clog. However, certain drain-clearing products you can buy in the store can often cause more severe damage to your pipes. Neglected pipes can have years of build-up, requiring the specialized tools and knowledge of a professional.

Sewer line drain cleaning can be extremely difficult for homeowners since the piping can run deep underground. At Birmingham Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we offer the best in drain and sewer line cleaning.

Hydro Sewer Jetting

Hydro sewer jetting is the best service for removing recurring, stubborn clogs that are affecting the quality of your pipe system. One of our skilled technicians operates a long hose with an attached scrub brush that hits every surface of your pipe at once. The high-pressure water completely blasts away years’ worth of debris, sediment, and clogging materials. This is the most long-lasting solution currently available.

With regular maintenance and hydro sewer jetting, your drains and sewer line will be clearer than they have been in years. The results of our services are long-lasting.

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