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Furnace Services in Troy

Your heater plays an indispensable role in keeping your property comfortable throughout the long Michigan winters, which is why a malfunctioning heating system can cause a major disturbance for families and business owners in Troy. When the furnace breaks down in your heating system, it means you are going to have to deal with some extremely uncomfortable conditions until the unit can be repaired.

At Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Troy, we understand the importance of knowing your home is secure and comfortable. Our team of expert technicians is available 24/7 to handle your most urgent heating issues, including furnace replacement, maintenance, and repair. As reliable HVAC contractors, we can provide routine maintenance procedures to prolong the life of your furnace, make swift, effective furnace repairs, and supply you with long-term solutions to restore the comfort of your home.

Potential Furnace Problems

All elements within your heating system have to be functioning optimally in order for the system to operate as intended. Some of the most common signs of furnace issues include:

· Broken pilot light
· Heating unit will not switch on
· Unit is producing strange noises
· Unit blower is constantly operating

All of these symptoms suggest your furnace requires maintenance before a critical emergency occurs. Even though these concerns might seem mild, neglecting to have a professional come to examine your system can result in significant issues that continue to evolve over time, including:

· Squeaking noises coming from your furnace, indicating that your unit’s motor is failing.
· Lack of power in your furnace indicating a broken fan.
· Malfunctioning primary burner, which might suggest a faulty flame sensor or a poor gas supply.

Each member of the staff of qualified heating technicians at Birmingham Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Troy is equipped with the skills to address all of your heating problems. No matter what the make or model of your heating unit is, our staff can perform maintenance procedures, make necessary repairs, and execute new installations in a swift and effective manner.

Ensure the stability and proper functioning of your home’s furnace and heating system and reach out to us at Plumbing Heating & Cooling in Troy, MI to handle all of your furnace concerns.

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