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Troy, Michigan
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Water Heater Services in Troy

Water heaters are bound to experience issues throughout the duration of their functional life as they age, but serious problems can be prevented with routine maintenance services and inspections. At Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Troy, MI we specialize in water heater maintenance, repairs and replacement.

Our expert technicians can tackle a wide range of common water heater issues, including:
Leaking: Leaks can occur with all types of water heaters. If you see any signs of puddles below or surrounding your water heater, consider calling our professionals to inspect your unit.
Rust: Since water heaters are consistently exposed to air and water, they are highly susceptible to rusting. While rust can appear to be minimal at first, it will eventually begin to corrode the metal and damage your water heater.
Temperature Problems: The heating components in a water heater are prone to develop signs of impairment as time goes on. If you notice your unit is not dispensing enough water, has a lower temperature during usage, or is not able to dispense hot water at all, this might indicate that the heating components need to be examined and replaced.
Odor: Bacterial contaminations can cause hot water to develop an unappealing odor. This problem is critical because it can cause health issues. Having a technician flush and cleanse your unit on an annual basis can help prevent and resolve this issue.
Discolored Water: If the hot water your tap dispenses is visibly discolored, your water heater’s anode might be impaired or rusted and has to be replaced.
Noises: Odd sounds from your water heater can indicate a few different problems. Your unit’s heating components may be impaired, which means it needs to be replaced. Another potential cause is a buildup of sediment in your unit’s tank that is causing the sediment to make noise and burn while water is heating. Cleansing the water tank and flushing out the sediment is the optimal resolution.

All of the above issues necessitate the attention of an expert water heater technician in Troy, MI. If you notice any of these problems with your unit, reach out to the team at Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Troy, Michigan and we will send one of our professionals to service your hot water heater.

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