Why Faucets Drip

Why Faucets Drip

Ever Wonder Why Your Faucets Drip

The reason it is so important to keep faucets from leaking is because of all the water that is wasted.  A faucet that leaks can also cause damage that isn’t seen at the sink.  Water can trickle down into the cupboard, the wall, or even into the floor without anyone noticing.  The cause of a  leaking faucet could be a washer that needs replacing, an O-ring, a gasket, mineral deposits that ruin the faucet, or corrosion.

If the O-ring is the problem, it can cause a faucet to drip.  O-rings can wear down or become loose, allowing water to leak around the handle.  If the problem is your O-ring, replacing it is the solution to making your drip stop.

Corrosion is a big problem with older faucets.  A valve seat is usually affected by corrosion, allowing a faucet to leak.  The corrosion will ruin the valve seat, which causes a leak around the spout.  Cleaning the valve seat on a regular basis can help save it from minerals that corrode plumbing.  If you have corrosion around your faucet or in the components of your faucets, consider having your other plumbing inspected for damage.  You are able to see a leak from a faucet and know that it is damaged or worn, but there are pipes in your home that could leak without you noticing!

A washer that is worn is a common issue when a faucet drip.  Washers wear out because of friction.  The dripping from a spout could be because of the washer, the valve seat, or a combination of both.  If you have a compression faucet, this is a typical problem.

Installing a washer or other parts of a faucet the wrong way can cause leaks.  Having a plumber install your sink and the hardware that goes with it can help you avoid leaky faucets and other plumbing problems.

If you need assistance with your leaking faucet or the other plumbing in your Troy, Michigan home, Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Air is always ready to help you stop the leaks in your home!