Why Sewer Jetting Will Save Your Sanity

Why Sewer Jetting Will Save Your Sanity

There are lots of things in our homes that we never really think about until we have to. We don’t clean the oven until it’s dirty, we don’t wash the windows until spring, we wait until the last minute to bring the recycling to the curb. Life works well this way, oftentimes yielding few, if any, consequences when we procrastinate.

Keep Up With Sewer Maintenance

Unfortunately, sewer maintenance is no such topic. Though it makes many a little squeamish, the manner in which waste is removed from our homes is absolutely essential to the health and wellbeing of everyone who crosses the threshold. Neglecting to keep up a home’s main sewer line can lead to either one of the most costly or the most disgusting situations possible for a homeowner – a mainline replacement or sewer line backup.

Most of the time, mainline replacements are avoidable. Most plumbers can provide sewer scoping and patching, allowing the homeowner to avoid having to replace the line altogether. Another large factor in the health of a mainline and its ability to transport waste to the sewer is how clear it is. Often tree roots grow into the line, creating gaps and cracks and allowing sewage to leak into the groundwater, and there’s nothing a patch can do about it. Luckily, there is a different solution for such a problem: Sewer Jetting.

Sewer Jetting Increases Efficiency

Sewer Jetting involves snaking a high-powered hose through the sewer line and blasting water through the pipe. By snaking the hose into the pipe, plumbers are able to use the water’s force to dislodge any foreign objects (including roots) that are impeding free movement from the home to the sewer. Especially in old houses with established outdoor foliage, Sewer Jetting can add many years onto the main line’s lifespan and save the homeowner thousands.

Sewer Jetting should be done once every other year to avoid future costly repairs. For this and all your other plumbing, heating, and cooling needs, contact Birmingham Plumbing today!