Why Toilets Clog Easily

Why Toilets Clog Easily

Clogged toilets can be a nightmare to deal with, and they seem to happen way more often than other types of clogged pipes. If you have ever wondered why toilet clogs are so common, here are a few explanations.

They Are Old

Old toilets have more clogging issues due to having less pressure in the pipes. This pressure is needed to push things down the drain, so a lack of such pressure can result in the toilet getting clogged.

There Was a Non-Flushable Item That Was Flushed

Not everything can be flushed, and some things that claim to be flushable aren’t good for your pipes. Things like kitty litter, wipes, paper towels, and more can all get stuck because they aren’t designed to break down with water.

There’s Too Much Toilet Paper

We may be past the days of toilet paper panic hoarding, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be smart about how much we use. The more toilet paper you use, the more likely it is that your toilet will clog up. Stick to using about three to four squares if possible.

The Toilet Trap Is Blocked

The toilet trap lies in the base of the toilet and is connected to your drain pipes. It holds standing water and prevents smelly sewer gas from getting through. If the toilet trap is blocked, you’ll have a clog.

Damaged Sewer Lines

Underground sewer lines can be damaged by tree roots, sharp rocks, and more. When these are punctured or damaged, your toilet may get clogged because it can’t reach the septic tank or municipal sewer line.

Plumbing Help

Clogged toilets are relatively simple to fix, but if you have a more difficult plumbing problem, you should get it fixed before it worsens. Contact Birmingham Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for plumbing help today.